The lens is suitable for those who have eyesight and weakness in reading or near

It has several kinds

Normal lens and lens with protection

** Prices are initial and vary according to size required **

This table explains the size chart of Dr

The first type of lens is selected and the size of the recorder is entered in the card

The example of the right eye SPH is a size-2.50 cm

1. SPH” Sphere”:

This part and number measure the strength of the eye lens in a sense that measures the strength of the person's eye and the number is measured by the unit of the diopter D. The sign - that the person suffers from myopia + means that the person suffers from long sight and sometimes there is no sign near the number also means that the person Long-sighted

2. “Cylinder  “CYL:

This box measures the strength of the astigmatism in the eye, which means that if the doctor does not write any numbers, you do not suffer from scammers or that the stigma in your eyes is too weak to be neglected

The number may be near either the (-) sign of the short-sighted or the + sign of the longitudinal lens and the values in this box are between positive or negative 0.25 to positive or negative 4

3. AX”  Axis”:

These numbers determine the location of the astigmatism in the eye and the numbers in this section range from 0 to 180

This product has a minimum quantity of 2
60 ريال

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