How to enter the size of the look (medical description)

The way to insert a prescription is very easy

.We need a size card if it is not available

A new opportunity to detect a new eye doctor at the clinic

Be sure to record the doctor's distance between the centers of the rectum in the IPD eyes 

After bringing the card

We choose the right lens for us from the lens section

For example, we choose lenses of myopia

The first type of lens is selected first and then the size of the recorder is entered into the card

The first size of the right eye is the size of the red circle

It is named SPH R and we select it from the list


We now choose the second size according to the table

Named at the CYL R site

Now insert the last size in the right eye and name it AXIS R

.The right eye was also completed

The same applies to the left eye

We choose the first size in the left eye named SPH L

We choose the second size in the left eye, CYL L

Another entry in the left eye is AXIS L

The last one we choose is the distance between the centers of the two holes in the eyes, the IPD

  • And is named on the IPD site

Finally, we recommend that you download or photocopy the size card in the order as we review and make sure the size is selected

If you encounter any difficulties do not hesitate to contact us through customer service

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