About Us


who are we

Modern Optics is a Saudi company licensed by the Ministry of Health - Health Affairs and the Food and Drug Administration with a long experience in the field of optics in general, managed by a group of specialists in optics, and because the field of optics is of great importance to the human community; we have harnessed our efforts and our great experience in the past years; In order to serve this human aspect, Modern Optics was founded in 2011 by the world's leading optometrist. It has become a source of confidence for its customers. The company offers optical products of all kinds, including glasses and lenses, We have medical and solar glasses, children's glasses and accessories in various forms, and what distinguishes our products of high quality and materials of great value, modern Optics professionals in the world of optics, with us you will find what suits you.



Modern Optics aspires to remain at the top of this field in general, and to offer its customers what suits their tastes and satisfy them, and to remain the most distinguished institution in the Kingdom and provide everything that is new .


The message

Our mission is to spread products that carry human incarnation and are useful to all; and because the eyes are the greatest of God's blessings upon us, our mission is to strive for excellence in the field of optics.



1. We strive to provide high quality products that suit different tastes.

2. Working on permanent development and spreading the culture of quality in society.

3. Use our valued customer suggestions to always offer the best.